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Volunteer For The Shootout

We can’t wait for the Shootout, but we need all hands on deck to make this work!

We are excited to have so many world class teams joining us for the 2023 Shootout. With teams, officials and players from interstate and overseas, playing against our best local players from Macarthur and Sydney.

To ensure this event works, we need help from the whole softball and wider community.

This international event will be great chance to work alongside new and old friends, watch Olympians and World Champions and make this a great event for players, officials and spectators at Softball Macarthur’s Rotary Cowpasture Reserve in Camden.

Whether you can commit a few hours, a day or the whole weekend, please use the form below to send us your details and we can get planning for this special event.

To help you decide how you might like to help, please take the time to see the planned teams and how their work may look to deliver the Shootout. If you have other skills that can help, please let us know. We would love to welcome everyone regardless of whether you are former or current softballer from Macarthur or anywhere else.

All are welcome- so come and join us for a great weekend, 1-3 December 2023.

Current Volunteer Positions

Tournament Director

  • Overall coordination of all elements of the tournament
  • Liaison and relationship management with Softball Australia, Softball NSW, Softball ACT, Camden Council, NSW Government, Australian Government, ISC and other key partners and sponsors
  • Coordination of team engagement, promotion and strategic planning
  • Chair of Technical Committee (Competition and Judiciary)

Tournament Manager/ Technical Delegate

  • Member of Technical Committee (can nominate a delegate for judiciary)
  • Responsible for Tournament/competition operation
  • Team Leader of Game Controllers

Umpire in Chief

  • Member of the Technical Committee (can nominate a delegate for judiciary)
  • Approval of all nominated umpires by participating teams
  • Allocation of umpires to all games
  • Maintain and submit umpiring records at the conclusion of the Shootout for inclusion on the tournament website

Chief Statistician

  • Coordination of statisticians to all games
  • Coordination of tournament statistics for teams, tournament officials and national selectors
  • If appropriate, ensure technology is used so that results are updated during the tournament via the official tournament website
  • Maintain and submit player and scoring records at the conclusion of the Shootout for inclusion on the tournament website
  • Tournament awards committee member (MVP, Player of Finals, Batting, Pitching and All Star Teams)

Game Controller Team

6-8 people- ideal for current and past players and officials
  • This team works closely with and is led by the Tournament Manager/ Technical Delegate
  • Game Controllers are allocated to games and resolve issues where required and communicate these issues to the Tournament Director, Tournament Manager/ Technical Delegate, Umpire in Chief and Grounds Coordinator
  • Ensure that dugouts are cleaned by the teams, after each game and that water coolers are filled when required

Ground keeping /coordination team

6-8 People
  • Coordination of preparing the grounds in the lead up to 2023 Macarthur Fastpitch Shootout
  • Competition diamonds are: D1, D2, D3, D4 and D9.
  • Practice diamonds D5, D6, D7 and D8. These will be used for Friday Schools Day, club & affiliate clinics and NSW state teams training on Saturday and Sunday
  • Diamonds 10 and 11 have been left clear for the possible inclusion of the carnival amusement rides
  • Ensure adequate dolerite and line marking equipment and material is stored and available for the duration of the tournament
  • Ensure permanent bases, home and pitching plates, plus spares are available for the duration of the tournament + spray can paint for touch ups
  • Coordination of the grounds team during the event to prepare/repair competition fields after each game
  • Secure watercoolers from McDonalds or associations.
  • Ensure water coolers are available in each dugout during the tournament

Players Council Co-Chair

(2 people and 8 in total on the council: 50-50 male-female)
  • Coordinate and communicate the views of players with Tournament Director in the lead up, during and after the tournament
  • Provide input into requests for teams to use Marquee and pick up players
  • Ensure that all players have a clear understanding of the expectations of conduct and performance at the 2023 Shootout

Presidents’ Council

Softball Macarthur President or delegate
  • Work alongside the Tournament Director to engage with other associations who join the 2023 Shootout through the Adopt a Team program
  • Encourage clubs and associations to work strategically with schools to host Home Run Hero’s programs to boost grassroots participation, enhance player numbers in all associations and participate in Schools’ Day Friday at the 2023 Shootout
  • Welcome and support all participating Presidents from associations and clubs outside of Macarthur

Team Liaison Officer Team

2 people working with one officer per team
  • Act as the key contact point for participating teams and use local knowledge of Sydney and the Camden area to ensure teams are supported and welcome to the 2023 Shootout
  • Develop a small resource (in booklet or digital) for teams so that they can access medical, laundry, food and entertainment options
  • Hotel and Transport details are listed on the official website and travel packages are available for teams so minimise their work in coordinating the trip. Contact the Tournament Director for details

Website and Social Media Coordinator

2 people
  • Maintain and update the official website and social media pages
  • Work alongside SAL, SNSW and Camden Council staff to optimise the marketing reach for the sport and tournament
  • Ensure tournament results are up to date and correct via the official website
  • Ensure an official team photo is taken of each team by the end of play on Saturday

Game Presentation Coordination Team

3-4 people
  • A coordinated team of people with deep softball knowledge to act as game announcers/ commentors, including allocating announcers for showcase games (Friday and Saturday nights and Championship games
  • Planning engaging music, sound effects and correct national anthems for international teams.
  • Work with Umpire in Chief, Tournament Manager and teams to ensure line ups are accurate and available for pre-game announcements
  • Work with Tournament Director to ensure music, announcing and delivery of 6th inning singalong, World Championship Celebration (Sunday) and Saturday night- Special event based on AFL’s Kick to Kick, executed at a high level.

Association, Club and State Team Training Coordination Team

2-3 people
  • Teams training at Rotary Cowpasture Reserve over the 3 days of the 2023 Shootout is a key feature to optimise crowd size
  • Participating teams are committed to offering a training session for juniors at a mutually convenient time.
  • Develop and monitor an online booking system such a google forms using the limiter plug in, so that teams can book their 60 minute slot during the event
  • Working alongside the Schools- Home Run Hero’s coordinator to ensure these booking slots do not clash with Schools’ Day Friday.
  • Ensure bases are provided on non competition diamonds, including portable backnets where required.
  • Ensure that teams move from their booked diamond at the end of their allocated time

Clubhouse Hospitality Coordination Team

2-3 people
  • Work alongside the Tournament Director to plan and coordinate the “In the Clubhouse” series of events
  • In consultation with the Tournament Director, finalise which online booking system is to be used for ticket purchases that minimise the commission lost from takings and streamline all events held in the clubhouse during the event
  • Work with the Scott Rindfleish Foundation to plan delivery of the High Tea fundraiser
  • Shortlist and select the catering provider for the “In the Clubhouse” events on Friday twilight, Saturday dinner and Sunday Lunch:
  • Ensure that the clubhouse area is well presented and set up for each unique event including a small, portable microphone and branding on the large TV
  • Work closely with the liquor licence holder for the 2023 Shootout, so prices and practices are consistent across the Clubhouse and Beer Garden
  • Ensure digital payment options are operational and aligned to the correct bank accounts

Canteen, BBQ and Food Truck Coordination Team

2-3 people
  • Coordinate Canteen and BBQ with local service clubs for the 3 days of the 2023 Shootout- currently Camden Lions
  • Act as the contact with the approved food trucks who will attend during the 2023 Shootout
  • Arrange for Ice freezer to be onsite at the clubhouse but locked with a key to ensure access and security.
  • Ensure digital payment options are operational and aligned to the correct bank accounts

Fanzone Coordination Team

2-3 people
  • Arrange and manage a radar gun for junior and youth players and measure their pitching and throwing speed and having these recorded on a small, A5 results card with branding of the Shootout, Softball Australia, Softball NSW, Softball Macarthur and Home Run Hero’s.
  • Ensure that a QR code on the abovementioned card/ certificate to direct players to a “Join our competition” webpage to assist with recruitment.
  • In consultation with the Tournament Director finalise the 6-8 life size player cut outs and install them at the correct player height. Cut outs are available from Officeworks- featured players and their player stats will be provided.

Schools and Home Run Hero’s Coordination Team

2-4 people

Must hold current WWWC (paid) approval prior and during the 2023 Shootout.

  • Coordinate with Camden, Narellan, Harrington Park and Oran Park schools to run a 5 week in school program. 4 weeks in school and the final week playing at School’s Day Friday at the 2023 Shootout.
  • Diamonds 5, 6, 7 and 8 are available for this event
  • In conjunction with the Tournament Director and Softball NSW CEO, develop a data base of PSSA and high school, zone, regional and state convenors and coaches and these people will be invited to a networking event in the clubhouse for the Friday night showcase game.
  • Engage with and include as many school based staff who are connected to softball, including system leaders eg: DoE Sports Unit who can support on the ongoing growth of softball in and beyond schools for 2024
  • Complete the Risk Assessment using the current NSW DoE template for schools to use as part of the excursion approval process.

Cleaning and Waste Management Coordination Team

4-5 people
  • Work with the Camden Council waste team to ensure additional bins and recycling bins are available and in place for the 2023 Shootout
  • Coordinate with a team, the emptying of bins
  • Coordinate with a team, the monitoring of toilets and bathrooms, including sanitary bins
  • Ensure adequate amounts of toilet paper and PPE is available for those volunteering in this area
  • NSW based teams will support the clean up at the end of each day’s play, including Sunday as part of their condition of entry.

Softball’s Annual Reunion Coordination Team

4-5 people
  • This aspect of the 2023 Shootout is a major aspect of attracting large crowds and connecting former and current players and officials.
  • A number of ideas are planned and will be determined by this team.

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